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MHR Final Exam Notes (CH 8-17)

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Marla Spergel

MHR Final Exam Notes Ch 8 Orientation and TrainingEmployee orientation onboarding o Providing new employees with basic background information about the employer company and specific information that they need in order to do their job well o Can lead to less turnover increased morale and less problems with disciplining employees o Helps employees to become more productive faster than they would have been without orientationSocialization o The ongoing process of instilling the proper behaviors and attitudes that are expected of them by the organizationReality shock o The difference between what the employee expected of the job and the reality of itKind of like realized gainloss in financial terms Purpose of Orientation ProgramsReduced reality shockImproved productivity Special Orientation SituationsDiverse workforce o New diverse employees should be aware of what reactions to expect from current employees and which ones are appropriate and which arentMergers and Acquisitions o New employees should be informed about the merger in company history and any operational issues it could impose on their workUnion vs nonunion employees o Need to informed if they are unionized or not and given a copy of the collective agreementMultilocation organizations o Employees need to be told which location does what Problems with Orientation Programs 1 Too much information in one day makes employees feel overwhelmed Or 2 Too little information is given and the employee is left confused Evaluation of Orientation ProgramsThe success of orientation can be evaluated by three points o Employee reactionTheir thoughts on the usefulness of the orientation o Socialization effectsAsses progress towards adopting company culture and beliefs o Costbenefit analysisCompare costs of orientation to the benefits of it The Training ProcessTraining o The process of teaching employees basic skills that they need to successfully perform their jobsCan strengthen employee commitment o Trainingskills for today o Developmentskills for the future The 5 Step Training Process 1 Needs Analysis a Identify what tasks and skills are needed to perform the tasks of the job properly b Use research to develop objectivesTask Analysis training identifying skills needed to perform a job for new employeesPerformance analysis employee development identifying if there are any problems with employee performance that can be improved 2 Instructional Design a Design a method to achieve the goals set out in step 1 3 Validation a Present the method to a small group and work out the problems b Conduct a pilot study 4 Implementation a Put the plan into action 5 Evaluation of training a Review the resultsTransfer of training the application of skills acquired during the training program into the work environment and the maintenance of these skills over time
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