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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Vikraman Baskaran

Question 1 The difference between push- and pull-based models is summarized by the slogan "Make what we sell, not sell what we make:” Answer: True 
Question 2 

Enterprise systems feature a set of integrated software modules and a central database that enables data to be shared by many different business processes and functional areas throughout the enterprise.
 Answer: True 
Question 3 

If a manufacturer had perfect information about exactly how many units of product customers wanted, when they wanted them, and when they could be produced, it would be possible to implement a highly efficient just-in-time strategy. Answer: True
Question 4

Enterprise systems provide value both by increasing ________ efficiency and by providing firm-wide information to help managers make better decisions.
 Question 5

Which of the following is NOT true about enterprise systems?
Enterprise software is expressly built to allow companies to mimic their unique business practices. Question 6 

Components or parts of finished products are referred to as Answer: 
intermediate products.
 Question 7

Supply chain management systems require ________ organizations to share information and business processes.
Question 8

CRM software can help organizations identify high-value customers for preferential treatments.
 Answer: True
Question 9

A firm's CRM is a network of organizations and business processes for procuring raw materials, transforming these materials into intermediate and finished products, and distributing the finished products to customers.
 Answer: False
Question 10

A suite of integrated software modules for finance and accounting, human resources, manufacturing
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