ITM 102 Study Guide - Digital Signal Processor, Usb Flash Drive, Network Interface Controller

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It consists of three basic categories: hardware, software, and network: hardware components represent physical (hard) parts of a system; consist primarily of electronic devices (mostly digital) with some electromechanical parts used with input, output, and storage devices. Six basic it hardware categories: processing hardware directs execution of instructions and transformation of data using transistors. Processing power often corresponds to computer"s physical size: embedded processors are programmable chips built into products include digital signal processors (dsps); dsps are special microprocessors that include more math-related functions in instruction set. Carries out organizational processing needs using high-speed processing chips and large amounts of memory. Carry out processing tasks needed to perform their jobs; usually networking together. Portable computing power; used to communicate with pc or other users. Software information that specifies how hardware device should work with other: system software any software required to control hardware components and.

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