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module 3

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Ryerson University
MKT 100
Paul Finlayson

Module 3: Social Responsibility Codes of Ethics Company codes of ethics in practice emphasizes honesty, truthfulness in comm w consumers,& avoidance of immoral practices. ethical dilemmas arise during implementation of marketing strategy d Cutting ethical corners is approved and even encouraged to make the pitch, the sale double standard = whistleblowers have careers ended = Pepsi and Coke ethical accountability nazi Ethical behaviour in trading requires that both the buyer and seller behave ethically not take a stand is to sell out ones values, self-respect and soul. ethics ombudsman - someone senior in the organization managers can go to and receive a sympathetic hearing Highlights of the Canadian Marketing Association Code of Ethics Not disseminate unsolicited material not exploitation of any person or group ( race, colour, ethnicity, religion) or competitor must be clear and truthful not mislead or deceive consumers not misrepresent a product realize the age group being marketed to (kids, teenagers) portrayal must accurately and fairly describe the product data referred to must be reliable, accurate and current and must support claim avoid undercover or word-of-mouth marketing initiatives genuine bills, invoices or government documents must not be used. guarantee for repair, replacement, refund or other remedy must be honoured promptly. A Personal Ethics Checklist Ethical vigilance - paying attention to whether ones actions are right or wrong - The set we espouse and want others to apply in their behaviour toward us, and The code of ethics that, for whatever rationalizations, we actually live by. Understanding Marketing Ethics ethical codes break down, societies cease to function and ultimately collapse trade in a society and profit from tra dehave social and moral obligation to accept general ethical rules of society Different cultures have different ethical rules The most good for the most people: the utility principle
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