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MKT 700
Jacqui Gingras

Post Midterm Chapter Quizzes Chapter 6: 1. How many catalog companies were members of ABACUS in 2011? A: 1,800 2. How do catalogers find out what type of products you have bought from others? A: ABACUS tells them 3. Which of the following can be done in a promotional e-mail? A: Read what other customers say, Read what the retailer says, Get specifications on products, Watch videos - All of the above 4. How many products did Amazon list for sale in 2010? A: 29,000,000 5. Which of the following is true of Amazon in 2011? They show you products: A: Similar to what you're currently searching for, Related to what you've searched for or clicked on at any time in the past, Purchased by other people who are similar in their purchasing habits to you and have searched for what you're searching for or have bought what you've bought, Based on the stuff you buy for other people - All of the above 6. What is The long tail in Internet Retailing? A: Obscure items not available in major stores 7. Why are ratings and reviews useful in ecommerce? A: Those who read them spend more than those who do not 8. Forrester reported that after reading a negative review: A: 47% search for an alternative product, 37% read professional/editor-written reviews of the product, 26% continue to shop for the product regardless of the negative, 18% look for a retailer/manufacturer that offers a money-back guarantee – All of the above 9. Which of the following are not listed by Dell as a rule for product reviewers: A: Provide a complete description as long as needed 10. Google often spots negative reviews. The result for retailers is: A: Such products are more likely to show up in a search Chapter 11: 1. Click rates for transactional e-mails saying Your order has been shipped bear what relationship to bulk promotional message click rates? About than X times as much. X = A: 7 2. How soon after an event should a transactional e-mail be sent: Post Midterm Chapter Quizzes A: Less than a minute 3. Transactional messages, to be effective, should be a dialog. Which of the following is essential to create a dialog? A: The name of the person sending the message, The e-mail of the person sending the message, The phone number of the person sending the message, The name of the person to whom the message is sent- All of the above 4. What was wrong with the Microsoft Worst transactional message ever sent? A: The Status ID Code. Please do not reply to this e-mail confirmation, Visit a URL and enter your status ID code - All of the above 5. What is the best type of e-mail customer ID and password? A: An e-mail address and no password 6. Which type of website typically is based on a marketing database? A: A welcoming website 7. Welcome e-mails should be sent immediately. Which of the following companies are not listed in the text as taking three weeks or more to send a welcome e-mail? A: Amazon 8. Why do airlines try to get passengers to print their boarding passes before coming to the airport? A: Saves paper, Saves personnel costs, Save passengers time - All of the above 9. How can you create dynamic content for a transactional e-mail? A: Have a database with personal data in it, Create a template for your transactional e- mails, Use the person’s name, Think of what other products people might buy - None of the above 10. Why are so many transactional messages sent as text? A: Internal Politics in a company Chapter 12: 1. In the case study discussed in this chapter, what was the value of each delivered email? A: $3.34 2. The DMA study revealed that the average response rate of direct mail campaigns was: A: 2.61% 3. The average e-mail open rate for the 80 companies was 11.4%. Why may that number be misleading? A: The reading pane gives a false open reading Post Midterm Chapter Quizzes 4. When a subscriber clicks on a link in her e-mail, we know that she: A: Has opened the e-mail and is reading it 5. When subscribers receive an e-mail, they may buy a product advertised in the e-mail by putting it in the shopping cart within the e-mail. What else can she do as a
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