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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

Format 60 marks 2 hours Start with class notes, then go back to the reading and see which is important. If something is in the notes, its important Similar in some respect to midterm: SA plus MA and a LA Focus on; 1.) Post-midterm materials 2.) Readings that weren’t included on the midterm (wont ask same question). There might be a reading that wasn’t touched on the midterm. There might be a reading that only was touched on lightly by the midterm 3.) Anything from the midterm you didn't understand (ex. Don't need to know the horizontal and vertical integration question as it was asked before. Review conceptual questions. For the dance and homoness, know that theres a difference in gender and homoness) know the difference between race and racism. Leave this part to the last Race is socially constructed, this doesn’t make race non existent. However, this just makes race not biological. Don't mix social construction with not real. That is different from racism. Just because you recognize race, doesn’t mean your behaviour has to be racist. Racism comes in when your behaviour is based on stereotypes of someones race. Know sport and development, know the concepts of sport and development** Terms to Know • neoliberalism • discourse • complicit • binary logic • subaltern – the basic idea that in a colonial relationship, the people who are colonized are in a weaker position in regards to governance and political structure. These are the local indigenous people. Can the subaltern speak in their own voice? In a Canadian perspective, does the subaltern have to speak in the colonial structure? • Hegemeony • Gender/sex/sexuality – • Race/racism • Heteronormativity • Intersectionality – the idea you cant think of thigns like race and sexual orientation as one thing. Harris was understood that she was discriminated for being a lesbo. However, she was discriminated due to her being black and lesbo. If she was a white lesbo, she would have an issue of corn rows. Instersectionality is thelinking of various aspects to create a complex situation. • Orient – refers to the “other” part of the world • Color-blind meritocracy – • Master narrative/dominant discourse – talks about the large stories we tell ourselves about who we are, what we should be doing, what is the right thing to do, what is the wrong thing to do. These st
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