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Study Guides for Physical Education and Sport at University of Alberta (U OF A)

U OF APEDS203Adrian PopescuFall

PEDS203- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 43 pages long!)

OC126769143 Page
September 7th intro to motor performance and learning. What is a motor behavior: the study of changes. What is motor learning or skill acquisition: the
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U OF APEDS101Michael ScarlettFall

[PEDS101] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 29 pages long Study Guide!

OC127778229 Page
Physiology = study of all the processes in a living organism = knowledge of nature. Systems connected, and changes to one system will likely affect oth
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U OF APEDS335Michael KennedyFall

PEDS335 Study Guide - Final Guide: Wok, Glut4, Glycogen

OC84728413 Page
What do the steps of fire extinguishment tell us about the occupational fitness requirements of fire fighters? (3) Task analysis for a sar technician i
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U OF APEDS100Normand BouleFall

PEDS100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Extensor Digitorum Muscle, Radial Tuberosity, Deep Vein

OC31784223 Page
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U OF APEDS401Sean RyanFall

PEDS401 Study Guide - Final Guide: Blood Test, Maladaptation, Rush Hour

OC31784227 Page
Includes both the written rules (rules accepted as constituting and regulating the sport) and the. Upton will only focus on premeditated rule breaking:
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U OF APEDS401Sean RyanFall

PEDS401 Study Guide - Final Guide: Vo2 Max, Straw Man, Genderqueer

OC31784250 Page
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U OF APEDS206Loren ChiuFall

PEDS206 Study Guide - Final Guide: Troponin, Sarcomere, Countermovement

OC31784270 Page
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U OF APEDS206Loren ChiuFall

PEDS 206 Final: PEDS 206 Final Exam

OC317842101 Page
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U OF APEDS207Bill Mc GarveyFall

PEDS 207 Final: PEDS 207 Final Exam Notes

OC31784280 Page
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U OF APEDS203Adrian PopescuFall

PEDS203 Study Guide - Final Guide: Motor Control, Motor Skill, Tennis Ball

OC31784231 Page
Cumulative part is the > crossword puzzle ! Chapter 9 (combination of 3 chapters in the old) ! Most of the time in this chapter we will be talking from
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U OF APEDS303Lisa RogersonFall

PEDS 303 Final: 303 Midterm 2 and Final Notes .pdf

OC31784236 Page
Involves intent: overt action physical or verbal, aggression is not an attitude or an emotion , purpose is to do physical/psychological harm, it is som
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U OF APEDS335Loren ChiuFall

PEDS 335 Final: Peds 335 final exam.pdf

OC31784290 Page
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