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Introduction to Business Management Final Exam Review Part 1 Match the term with the descriptionPart 2 Discussion Topics1Leadership and Motivation Theory Joint Characteristics Leadership TheoryThe process of influencing individuals or groups toward the achievement of goalsThe seven traits associated with successful leadership are drive desire to lead honesty and integrity selfconfidence intelligence jobrelevant knowledge and extraversionThe Fielder model of contingency theory of leadership assumes that different situations require different leadership stylesHersey and Blanchards situational leadership theory states that successful leadership is achieved by selecting a leadership style that matches the level of the followers readiness It also states that leaders must give up control as followers become more competentCharismatic leadership increases motivation and leads to greater employee satisfactionMotivation TheoryMotivation is the processes that account for an individuals willingness to exert high levels of effort to reach organizational goals conditioned by the efforts ability to satisfy some individual needMotivation works best when individual needs are compatible with organizational goalsMaslows Hierarchy of Needs theory categorized needs into five different levelsIndividuals must satisfy lowerorder needs before they can satisfy higher order needsSatisfied needs will no longer motivateMotivating a person depends on knowing at what level that person is on the hierarchyMaslows Hierarchy of NeedsMcGregors Theory X and Theory Y states that motivation is maximized by participative decision making interesting jobs and good group relationsTheory X Employees have little ambition dislike work avoid responsibility and require close supervisionTheory Y Employees can exercise selfdirection desire responsibility and enjoy workingMen tend to require more selfgoverning than women doWomen desire learning opportunities flexible work schedules and good interpersonal relationsWays of motivating employees recognizing individual differences match people to jobs use of goals ensuring goals are attainable individualized rewards money etcJoint Characteristics Motivation is goaloriented and is what helps a person to achieve specific objectives Motivation should drive the individual to work hard and perform to accomplish these set out tasks A leader must have the right traits in order to motivate and drive employees to achieve these goals A leader needs to have the ability to understand where each employee stands on Maslows Hierarchy of Needs in order to know how to motivate each person to his or her specifications In other words leadership is used as a way of motivating others Being a good leader and role model goes hand in hand with having successful motivated
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