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Services MarketingChapter 10 CustomerDefined Service StandardsFactors Necessary for Appropriate Service StandardsStandardization of Service Behaviours and ActionsStandardization can take 3 formso1 Substitution of technology for personal contacto2 Improvement in work methodso3 Combinations of these two methodsStandardization reduces Gap 2Customerdefined standardization ensures that the most critical elements of a service are performed as expected by customers as opposed to executing every aspect of service in a uniform mannerFormal Service Targets and GoalsSpecific targets for individual behaviours oEx dont set goals such as call customer back quickly because quickly may be interpreted differently by each employee Set unambiguous goals such as call customer back within 4 hoursFormal goals involving the overall department or company oEx to call customer back within 4 hours 97 of the time and evaluate its success over a monthly or annually basisCustomer Defined Not CompanyDefined StandardsA companydefined standard such as voiceactivated answering systems often conflict with customerdefined standards such as the desire to speak with a humanCompanies must pay more attention to customerdefined standards as companydefined standards typically fail at closing Provider Gap 2Knowing customer requirements priorities and expectations can be effective and efficient this can save the company money identifying what the customer values most and eliminating features the customer doesnt value or wont pay forServices standards from a customer perspective are likely different than those from a companyperspectiveTypes of CustomerDefined Service Standards
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