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Management (MGH)
Samantha Montes

SCENARIO N Preparation Stage o The Curry Brothers Breakeven cash flow: $225 000 Target price: $500 000 Their BATNA: to sell the Curry Field to the city of Morgan Hills. What they have: N 8 000 seats N Cushy and heated }L[Z} N Best ball park on the coast N Support of the community (including Mayor Bob) N ^o22Z[LKL]]}L If they don[t get an offer that meets their cash flow requirement of $240 000, they[ll walk away. o Barbara What she has: N A baseball team She started the negotiation with an overconfident and adversarial ^us vs. them_ attitude. She was planning to walk away if she gets a ridiculous first offer. N Bargaining Stage o The Curry Brothers; ;asked Barbara the kinds of concessions she did, her ticket price, and her total attendance (which she did not give). ;did not give their reservation price. ;maintained composure and avoided overreacting to Barbara[s surprise to their initial offer of $500 000. ;gave Barbara valid reasons to value the field highly. ;their anchor of $500 000 held for most of the negotiation period. ; tried to adjust Barbara[s frame by getting her to look at the net figureLthe difference between gate receipts and the lease price. ;are confident that they can get more than enough attendance Barbara needs in order to meet her lease payments. ;reduced the size of their concessions and were taking longer time between themLa signal that they are unlikely to move much further. ;found out that most of the novelties inventory will be worthless anyway. Hence, they won[t let it become a factor to the name change issue. 1
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