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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)

Chapter 3 Diversity, Culture, and Values P. 84-109 Person Perception and Workforce Diversity Workforce Diversity: Differences among recruits and employees in characteristics such as gender, race, age, religion, cultural background, physical ability, or sexual orientation. The Changing Workplace Used to be mainly Caucasian and male, but now it includes women, immigrants, and aging baby boomers. Organizations are seeking to recruit people who reflect their diverse customer base. Globalization, mergers, and strategic alliances => many employees are required to interact with people from substantially different national or corporate cultures. Valuing Diversity Diversity and its proper management can yield strategic and competitive advantages potential for improved problem solving and creativity and improved recruiting and marketing when the firms human resources profile matches that of the labour pool and customer base. Competitive Advantages to Valuing and Managing a Diverse Workforce 1. Cost Argument As organizations become more diverse, the cost of a poor job in integrating workers will increase. Those who handle this well will thus create cost advantages over those who dont. 2. Resource-Acquisition Companies develop reputations on favourability as Argument prospective employers for women and ethnic minorities. Those with the best reputations for managing diversity will win the competition for the best personnel. As the labour pool shrinks and changes composition, this edge will become increasingly important. 3. Marketing Argument For multinational organizations, the insight and cultural sensitivity that members with roots in other countries bring to the marketing effort should improve these efforts in important ways. The same rationale applies to marketing to subpopulations within domestic operations. 4. Creativity Argument Diversity of perspectives and less emphasis on conformity to norms of the past (which characterize the
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