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12 Dec 2010

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Marketing= managing profitable customer relationships; aim to create value for customers and to capture value from customers in return: 5 steps in marketing process a. *a company"s success at building profitable relationships depends not only on its own actions but also on how well the entire system serves the needs of final consumer www. notesolution. com suppliers. Bc hydro launched a campaign to get bcolumbiansn to reduce their power usage, with the goal of conserving the saved electricity to power the. =the idea that consumers will favour products that are available and highly affordable and that the organization should therefore focus on improving production and distribution efficiency eg. lenovo dominates the highly competitive, price-sensitive. Chinese pc market through low labour costs, high production efficiency, and mass distribution: may lead to marketing myopia: focusing too narrowly on their own operations and losing sight of satisfying customer needs and building customer relationships, product concept.