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21 Jan 2012

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Bch311 jan 20 part 2 - manipulation and molecular characterization of nucleic acids. Dna molecular streucture -> genomic structure -> genomic sequence, governs function. Restriction nucleases first tool to allow nucleic acids to be systematically manipulated. Before: problem of random breakages get different pieces, different sizes, etc. Blue and green helices and sheets biding to dna. Makes two cuts but same place in the two sequences. Nucleic acids flow through gel because of electric current. Can approximate where in sequence enzyme cut. Use of restriction analysis for diagnosis of diseases caused by genetic mutations. Mutations in cftr not necessarily that chloride trafficking presents problem, but causes water build-up- disregulates how water is managed. Must be homozygous: heterozygotes are fine. All mutations that can affect its function. Some rare delta f 508 very common. Desire to have screening process to identify potential parents. Half dna digested sign of heterozygous with a marker of cystic fibrosis.

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