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Final Lab Review All you need to know for lab MC in final exam!

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Kenneth Yip

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Lab 1 DNA Isolation1Mash up the material into small piecesprovide a greater surface area on which the chemicals can workhelp to break down cell walls2Use detergent and heat to denature cellular proteins and remove protein bound to the DNAuse an enzyme to begin breaking the protein down into smaller peptide fragments so the protein is less likely to precipitate with the DNAremove large clumps of material and other cellular debris with centrifugation3Add a high salt solution and alcohol to precipitate your DNA while leaving most of the protein in suspension4SB is a Squishing Buffer that contains neither SDS nor Proteinase KSDSsolubilizes the plasma membrane as well as the nuclear envelopeSDS is a strong protein denaturant which unfolds proteins and will dissociate both histone and nonhistone proteins form DNA Proteinase Kcleaves peptide bonds thereby digesting and removing proteincontaminants from nuclei acids5yieldsize of the pellet puritycolour of the pelletLab 2 Restriction Enzymes and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis1restriction enzymessitespecific enzymesact as a defence system offe
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