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Northern gateway pipeline 525000 barrels of oil per day. Area > 0. 5 ha (hectare = 100 ares (10,000 m2); 1 ha = 2. 47 acres/ 1 acre = 0. 40 ha) Land w/ tree crown cover > 10: more closed canopy = more tree crown cover = more of a forest. Young natural stands and all plantations established for forestry purposes which have yet to reach a crown density of 10% or tree height of 5m. Windbreaks and shelterbelts of trees with an area of more than 0. 5ha and a width of more than. 20m rubber wood plantations and cork oak stands. Natural resources of canada (2015): 396,940,350 ha. 2012 nrc estimate 28% greater than fao: 86,766,000ha. Definitions and data can have important and enormous impact on: timber inventories (eg annual allowable cut, forest conservation initiatives (eg 12% of total forest area, forest carbon accounting. Roughtly half of the original forest cover remains today (4 billion ha)

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