GGR124H1 : Lectures 2-5 Notes

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14 Feb 2011

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Approaches to urban geography: environmentalism, dominant up to the mid-20th century, relationship between people and their environment, site and situation studies physical characteristics determine urban development www. notesolution. com. Importance of social, economic, and political structures in society: derived from the writings of karl marx, approach was dominant in the 1970s and beyond mainly in response to social problems emerging in urban areas www. notesolution. com. Berlin, etc: criticism is that there is an endless range of possible interpretations for the city. Two key concepts crucial to the understanding of the development of cities: social surplus production of basic goods over and above what is needed for subsistence, agglomeration concentration of activities, people, networks of relationships in space. What might generate this social surplus: new technology, environmental change, changes in social organization www. notesolution. com. Cliff lau university of toronto: unlikely any one factor holds sway, instead more of a gradual transition.

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