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21 Apr 2012

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Immunology Tutorial questions:
1. Adaptive immunity is found in: Only in Vertebrates.
2. The antigen B cell receptor rearrangement occurs in: The bone marrow.
3. The antigen T cell receptor rearrangement occurs in: The thymus
4. The J chain is part of: Dimeric IgA (most abundant isotope insercretions )
*there are 2 immunoglobulins, one of them is J chain
5. TCR signals through: CD3. (Signal subunit that allows the TCR to
communicate). CD4, CD8, CD28 have a contribution to the signal but doesn’t go
through the TCR.
6. One important effector cytokine produced by TH2 cells: IL-4.
7. A cytokine important for clearing a Leishmania infection is: IFN-Dy. (interferon
gama) (for clearing we need a TH1 response, we need active macrophages.)
* to fight parasites we need TH2.
8. HEV are: portals into the lymph nodes.
*The L selection thing
9. Priming of naive Tcells by dendritic cells take place in the: LN paracortex.
10. During the thymic cortical stage, thymocytes: become CD4/CD8 double
positive and are killed if not able to recognize MHC/ self peptide.
(that means everything else is killed. The cells can’t be double negative.)
11. AIRE is: a transcription factor which allows the expression of peripheral
proteins in the thymus.
12. Anergic T cells: have received only signal 1 of activation.
13. Knocking out FAS in mice results in: Failure of apoptic death of self-
reactive T cells.
(cortisone=kills the whole immune system)
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