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study notes for lecture one: the history of immunology

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Dana Philpott

Lecture ONE: THE HISTORY OF IMMUNOLOGY the black plague thought to be spread by trade routes; worsened by migrations rats had fleas; fleas carried the Yersinia pestis bacteria that caused the plague (cats Z0708003,80;LOZKL.KL39K0O5-0.,:804:3000.,9894J097L419K07,98 ::farmers were hit, they cut off food supplies causing starvation ::civic services shut down ::Mongolian Empire collapsed in Central Asia ::peasants were taxed more leading to the peasant revolt in 1371 ::superstitious views dominated, Jews were persecuted ::education and architecture were put on hold survivors had an immunological advantage maybe beneficial mutations the survivors also benefitted from greater resources leading to the Renaissance ::Renaissance could also be attributed to the disillusionment of the church or the collapse of feudalism *immunity: the quality or state of being immune; a condition of being able to resist a particular disease; that which confers protection against disease ::first seen in 2000 BC: The Babylon Epic of Gilgamesh had accounts of pestilence and disease *variolation: inoculating someone with the virus of smallpox to induce the disease IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE PROGRESS OF IMMUNOLOGY Person Contribution to Science Thucydides - 430 B.C. - 8,Z9K,984205045O0Z070L310.90ZL9KL80,80-:99K08:7;L;0,3Z07039L310.90,J,L3L22:30 - L39N34ZZK,9.,:809K0disease outbreak, while elders believed it was a supernatural force the Gods wanted it K0L39-0OL0;09K08,20 Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya Razi (Ar-Razi) - Persian physician and alchemist - died in 930 A.D. - first to use humoralism (disease treatment is based on the imbalance of humours melancholic, choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine ZKL.K0[5O,L3ZK8420J098L.N,349K078439 94L89L3J:L8K43095041 disease from another - first to diagnose smallpox versus measles = different diseases are caused by different microorganisms - recognized epidemic force of smallpox - first to describe allergic asthma - first to understand fever is a mechanism for fighting infection Avicenna - Persian philosopher and physician - died in 1037 A.D. - father of modern medicine - wrote The Canon of Medicine
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