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Study Notes on the BRAIN - Structure & Basic Functions. Date not accurate.

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Michael Inzlicht

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THE BRAIN: structure & basic functions SPINAL CORD: rope of neural tissue. White matter=myelinated axons, grey= somas Capable of autonomous function! -Communicates info to & from the rest of the body. Sensory info in bodyspinal cordbrain -Spinal reflex (stretch reflex: kneecap tendon) BRAINSTEM: (above spinal cord, in front of cerebellum) also capable of autonomous function! -basic programs of survival : breathing swallowing urinating orgasm vomiting -like the spinal cord of the head: gagging reflex= similar to spinal cords stretch reflex -reticular formation: networks of neurons which project into the CEREBRAL CORTEX & affect arousal. CEREBELLUM: ~MOVEMENT~ (connected to back of brainstem) All parts = identical in cellular organization, but performing different functions identical operations on all its inputs, different effects resulting from diff origins & destinations of info. -motor learning: operates independently of the rest of the brain, unconsciously (ex: bike riding while thinking of other stuff, playing the piano without thinking about it) -balance : damage to nodes @bottom head tilt, balance probs, loss of smooth compensation of eye position when head is moving (ex: when you run, your head bobs up and down but the world seems to stay still, NORMALLY) -coordination : damage to the lobes on each side loss of limb coordination -other: damage to back ridge affects walking *ATAXIA: disorder of the cerebellum. Clumsiness, loss of motor coordination, lack of normal emotional responses & impaired cognitio.
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