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10 Mar 2011

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The likelihood of the living being plagued by the vengeful dead. Earlier regardless of whether you were a king or a commoner you would all go to the same place. From the odyssey- odysseus is consulting the dead when the spirit of achilles floats by. Odysseus is praising achilles and the spirit says to him that it is better to be a slave alive on the earth than to be a lord over all the spirits in the underworld. Even the heroic achilles is fated to the same death as everyone else. From writings from sumeria and babylonia we can see that their focus is very much on the here and now and they ask for worldly fulfillments in this life rather than in the after life. Sargon of assyria for example asks for long life, health and stability in his reign. All the calls to the divine in early civilizations are for long life and worldly pleasure.

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