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Geography 2143A/B
Milford Green

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Geography 2143b Name________________________ Quiz No. 3, version 1 Student Number:________________________ Pick the best answer Row:_____ Seat:______ October 25, 2011 1. The greatest advantage that TNCs enjoy is a) better employees b) ability to resist unions c) transfer pricing d) well paid lobbyists e) none of the above 2. Canada has approximately what percentage of the top 2000 global firms as reported by Forbes in 2011? a) 1% b) 3% c) 5% d) 10% e) 15% 3. The type of job that is likely to experiences the highest level of outsourcing is a) sales b) legal c) life sciences d) office support e) architecture 4. According to Jagdish Bhagwati, the greatest advantage of globalization is a) unit pricing b) specialization c) production technologies d) political lobbying e) footloose locations 5. The country rated as most attractive for off shore services is a) Canada b) India c) China d) Malaysia e) Thailand 6. The economic sector with the most number of top 10 Canadian firms is a) manufacturing b) insurance c) communication d) mining e) none of the above 7. Currently the global economic core a) controls raw material prices b) maintains global labour safety standards c) produces low tech goods d) produces higher order services e) maintains a trade cartel 8. In the review of Farewell to Alms, the author argues a) that the latest trade treaty ratified by the World Trade Organization is unfair to poor countries b) a group of lesser developed countries should ask for lower agricultural tariffs c) the developed countries should increase their aid levels d) b and c e) none of the above 9. Of the regions of the world listed below, which has the highest fertility rates a) North America b) Central Europe c) Western Europe d) sub Saharan Africa e) former Soviet Union 10. Population momentum is (was) a) the movement from rural to urban residences b) the inability of birth control methods to lower fertility rates c) the increase in the elderly proportion of the population d) a factor in the successful industrialization of the United Kingdom e) none of the above 11. The world’s population is expected to peak out at approximately (assuming fertility rates of about 2 in the future) a) 7 billion b) 7.5 billion c) 8 billion d) 9 billion e) its isn’t expected to peak out 12. The 3 basic demographic processes are a) fertility, mortality, migration b) birth, mortality, fecundity c) migration, fecundity, death d) fecundity, death, mortality e) none of the above 13. The type of job that is likely to experience the highest level of outsourcing is a) sales b) legal c) life sciences d) office support e) architecture 14. The country rated
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