Sustainable Marketing

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2320A/B
Angela White

Sustainable Marketing 1202012 34900 PM Social Criticisms of Marketing y Marketings impact on individual consumers o High pricesHigh cost of distributionIntermediaries are important and offer valueAdvertising informs buyers o Deceptive practicescompanies use deceptive practices that lead customers to believe they will get more value than they would actually doDeceptive pricing promotion and packagingResponseSupport legislation to protect consumers from deceptive practicesGuidelines to prevent greenwashing saying something is green when its notIndustry selfregulation through the Advertising Standards of Canada o Highpressure sellingPhonebusterspersuade people to buy goods they had no intention of buyingHigh pressure selling can damage the customer relationship o Shoddy harmful or unsafe productsThere is no value in marketing such products o Planned obsolescenceProducers cause their products to become obsolete and change consumers concepts of acceptable styles to encourage more and earlier buyingThe result of market forces leading to ever improving goods and services o Poor service to disadvantaged customersSome retails companies redline dont even consider building a retail location in poor neighborhoods and avoid placing stores thereSome marketers find profitability from these locations y Marketings Impact on Society as a Whole
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