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Chapter 2
What is attrition?
What is recruitment?
What are internal job postings?
How can you link goals and skills?
What is skills inventory?
What is succession planning?
What is HR Planning?
What is the labour market?
What are the two types of demands of employees? Explain them.
What are the two types of internal supply? Explain them.
What are integrated front end websites?
What is selection?
What are the 4 HR planning steps?
What are the two types of employee agencies? Explain them.
What is the selection process?
What is a realistic job preview?
What are situational questions?
What is reliability and validity?
What is an employment test?
What are some application suggestions?
What is the OUCH stand for?
What are panel interviews?
What is GMA?
What is a behaviours description interview?
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