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ECON 1540
Eytan Lasry

NAME:_________________________________ STUDENT #:_______________________ 1 FACULTY OF PURE & APPLIED SCIENCE SC/BIOL 3155 3.0 - VIROLOGY MIDTERM TEST #1 (W10) Feb. 4, 201088 INSTRUCTIONS: (1) Fill in your NAME and STUDENT # on ALL 5 pages of this Test booklet & the Scantron Sheet. (2) Multiple choice questions have only ONE (1) CORRECT answer. Fill in answer on the Scantron Sheetupplied – only the scantron sheet will be marked. (3) The test is divided into 3 Sections. Section I Multiple choice 10 marks (1 mark per question) Section II Written answers 15 marks Total marks: 25 Section III Bonus question 1 marks (4) Answer ALL questions. (5) No calculators are permitted. (6) Total time: 80 mins (7) Hand in your Entire Test Booklet and Scantron Sheet - missing page(s) will receive zero. GOOD LUCK! NAME:_________________________________ STUDENT #:_______________________ 2 SECTION I: Answer all questions 1 - 10 in this section on the SCANTRON SHEET (1) Which of the following statements is correct? A. the first virus discovered was a fungal virus B. viruses are the only obligatory intracellular parasites C. zur Hausen received the 2008 Nobel Prize for discovering HIV D. one PFU is equal to one HAU E. viral genome sizes range from ~2 kb to ~ 12 mb F. single-cycle infections require that less than half of the total cells be simultaneously infected G. none of the statements above are correct (2) Which of the following is not a correct match? (the two halves of each match are separated by " •") A. yellow fever • flavivirus B. rabies vaccine • Pasteur C. discovery of RNA splicing • DNA virus D. uranyl acetate • TEM E. dsRNA virus • uses cRdRp F. latent phase • eclipse G. none of the above are in correct matches (3) The total number of (i) 2-fold, (ii) 3-fold and (iii) 5-fold axes in an icosahedron are? A. (i) 12 ,(ii) 20 and (iii) 30 B. (i) 20 ,(ii) 30 and (iii) 50 C. (i) 20 ,(ii) 30 and (iii) 12 D. (i) 12 ,(ii) 30 and (iii) 20 E. (i) 60 ,(ii) 20 and (iii) 12 F. (i) 30 ,(ii) 60 and (iii) 12 G. none of the answers above are correct - the correct answer is 30, 20, 12 (4) The number of subunits per turn in a helical virus is represented by? A. h P B. C. p D. u E. k F. n G. none of the answers above are correct (5) Which of the following taxonomic terms is related to SARS? A. Herpesviridae B. Adenoviridae C. Togaviridae D. Nidovirales E. Flaviviridae F. Reoviridae G. none of the answers above are correct NAME:_________________________________ STUDENT #:_______________________ 3 (6) Which of the following statements about double-stranded (ds) RNA viruses is not correct? A. contain a vRdRp in their virion B. all have icosahedral capsids C. do not infect plants D. RNA genomes are linear E. Reoviridae belong to this group F. genomes are smaller than 50 kb (R = corrections to question) (7) Which of the following is not a correct match? A. HIV-1 • CD4 B. Poliovirus • PVR C. Coronavirus • Amino-peptidase N D. influenza virus • sialic acid E. endocytosis • influenza virus F. influenza virus• acid-activated G. (-)strand RNA virus • VP4 H. none of the above are incorrect matches (8) Which of the following is not involved in plus-strand synthesis of the QB genome? A. replicase B. EF-Tu C. Host Factor D. EF-Ts E. RdRp F. translation factors G. GTP H. none the answers above are correct (9) What type of genes are encoded closest to the 3' end of the LATE mRNA produced by Lambda ? A. regulation B. tail C. head D. tail fiber E. replication F. lysis G. none the answers above are correct (10) If RM is repressed, which of the following operators would have to be filled by the repressor protein to directlyblock cDdRp access to the P RM promoter? A. O 1 L B. OL2 C. O L D. O R1 E. OR2 F. OR3 G. none the answers above are correct
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