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HUMA 1625 Study Guide - Final Guide: Status Group

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HUMA 1625
Sherry J.F.Rowley
Study Guide

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Entry 5
In this fifth portfolio entry I will be using the critical skill “At what/ whose expense?” to
explore themes and texts that relate and connect to the course. I will be demonstrating this
critical skill through the themes Class/ Status and Political is Personal which are exemplified in
the texts “The Paper-Thin Garden”, by Wharton and “Tactics and Techniques” by Hitler. The
purpose of the critical skill “At what/ whose expense?” is to determine the how that effects of the
events from each text impact people.
Firstly, through the text “The Paper-Thin Garden” by Wharton, I will be analyzing the
theme class/status. The text “The Paper-Thin Garden” is about an emperors perfect garden.
When people see a well maintained garden, the first through that comes to mind is they must be
wealthy if they can take great care of their garden. People who are wealthy most often belong to
a higher class and have a high status within their society. Additionally, what do wealthy people
like to do, they like to spend their money into making everything look perfect. Hence the well
maintained gardens that reflects back onto their class/ status. The Wharton text exhibits this
notion of class/ status. People with class/ status have money and money gives you power.
Gardens have natural beauty; however they do require maintenance to appear even more
beautiful and perfect. Gardens represent the reflection of its owner. In some societies having the
perfect garden revels a lot about a person and their personality. Furthermore, someone with class/
status has a obligation to themselves to main their garden which represents them. In the text its
states that anything that may suggest death and decay should not be found in a garden. Having
something that goes against the natural beauty of a garden can mislead people. In this case
people such as emperors, kings, from the olden time and from this day and age people such as
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