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HUMA 2680
Barbara Lazar

Architects of Other Worlds -fairy-tales: short, oral and fictional -fantasy: literary, long, fictional and non-realistic -fantasy came out at the beginning of the 18 century and doesnt come from folk motif -novel as a form is realist, something set in our world whereas fantasy is not read Fantasy is completely fictional and realistic is something that can be real -beginning in the 1800s, Victorian time frame George MacDonald (literary) THE FANTASTIC IMAGINATION -first fantasy novel to be written -it is set in an alternative world, where the novel takes natural laws and bends them -laws of the secondary world must be consistent, the moral laws cannot be changed -good characters have to remain good and if the sun is green is must ALWAYS be green -mind of man is a product of law, so they must work within this framework -morality must be maintained, man can invent: but there must be morality, it must make sense, it cannot help but make sense -he says man can be a sub-creator, he says the natural world is done by a creator and an alternate world is created by a sub-creator J.R.R. TOLKIEN -1892-1973 ( The Hobbit and Tree and Leaf) -he takes Macdonalds writing and runs with it -he saw authors as a sub-cre
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