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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Genes, Chromosomes, and Human Genetics.docx

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Dr.Roland Treu

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CHAPTER 12 GENES CHROMOSOMES AND HUMAN GENETICSProgeriapremature aging genetic error of 1 in 8M births121 Genetic Linkage and RecombinationGenes located on the same chromosomelinked genesmay be inherited together in genetic crosses that is not assort independently bc chromo is inherited as single physical entity in meiosisoPhenomenonlinkage121a The Principles of Linkage and Recombination Were Determined with DrosophilaFruit fly Drosophila melanogaster used as model organismMorganSturtevantconstruction of first genetic map showing relative order of genes on chromomeasure of distance separating them oUsed indirect measure of distancereasoned that genes sitting relatively far apart on chromo would be more likely to be separated from one another during meiotic crossingover than genes lying closer tghoFollowing Meiosis I and II each of 4 diff chromatids will become a chromo in separate gameteoWhich chromo recombinantnot is carried by given gamete actually revealed only in offspring resulting from fertilization w homozygous recessive gameteoHence in following cross will notice on parent heterozygous and other homozygous recessiveNote all geneticists working w fruit flies agreed on normal or wildtype genotype any change from wild type by definition is a mutantoDominant mutant alleles written UPPERCASEoRecessive mutant alleles written lowercaseoNotation for wildtype allele includes plussign
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