PSYC 1001 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Operant Conditioning, Operant Conditioning Chamber, Conditioned Taste Aversion

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10 Aug 2016
Ch. 6
-we use this type of learning pre language.
-measure a reaction. Ex: attention, heart rate, sucking rate. Any physiological reaction
-we you become used to the stimulus or information you do not respond to it
Classical Conditioning
-we associate past experiences with present ones.
Pavlov’s discovery
-the dog associates the lab coat/bell with food and so he begins to salivates
-UCR=unconditioned response
-UCS=unconditioned stimulus
-CS=conditioned stimulus
-CR=Conditioned response (happens without unconditioned stimulus)
Processes in classical conditioning
-acquisition: trying to condition the subject
-extinction: consistently produce the CS however there is no UCS presented with it. Ex: sound the tone
but never present the food. “unconditioning”
-spontaneous recovery: return to the same location where the behaviour was learned, even if it is
extinct it will return spontaneously
-stimulus generalization: the subject will have his CR even if it is not the exact CS, it just needs to be
-stimulus discrimination: being able to discriminate between different CS. Opposite of generalization
-higher order conditioning: pair two CS together. Both induce CR
Biological significance of classical conditioning
Conditional emotional responses
-phobias=irrational fear
-phobias are created through observational learning. Which is learning from other people’s experiences
and incorporate them into our own. Ex: watching movies about lions attacking people=having a phobia
of lions
-physiological response:
-inject animals which causes immune system to be supressed, at the same time a stimulus is presented.
A negative association is built. They are then later just presented the CS and their immune system
begins decreasing.
-Advertising: buying a certain product= happy life, arousal, better life.
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