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Chapter 4


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CHAPTER 4 VALUES ATTITUDES AND WORK BEHAVIOURCase LOral Generation ShockValues broad tendency to prefer certain states of affairs over others The preference aspect of this definition means that values have to do with what we consider good and bad should and should not doPeople tend to hold values structured around achievement power autonomy conformity tradition and social welfareTraditionalists baby boomers Generation X and Generation Y Millennials have grown up under different socialization experiences Generation X and Y are more inclined to value status and rapid career growth than are boomers X are less loyal more inclined toward worklife balance than boomers All work generations share the same values but express them differentlyCultural differences in valuesManagers who receive foreign assignments terminate them early because they perform poorly or do not adjust to the culture Lack of appreciation of basic differences in workrelated values across culturesWork centrality work is valued differently across cultures Japan tops the list with a very high work centralityEx unprepared British posted to Japan to find out workers and customers socialize late into the night Hofstedes study there are 4 basic dimensions along which workrelated values differed across cultures Power distance extent to which society members accept an unequal distribution of powerUncertainty avoidance extent to which people are uncomfortable with uncertain and ambiguous situations weak uncertainty avoidance are less concerned with rules conformity and
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