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Chapter 3

MGCR 271 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Simple Random Sample, Randomized Experiment, Dependent And Independent Variables

Management Core
Course Code
MGCR 271
Glenn Zabowski

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MGCR 271 Business Statistics
Chapter 3: Producing Data
Producing Data
Designs for producing data are essential parts of statistics in practice.
Random sampling and randomized comparative experiments are perhaps the most important
statistical inventions of the twentieth century. Both were slow to gain acceptance, and you will
still see many voluntary response samples and uncontrolled experiments.
The deliberate use of chance in producing data is a central idea in statistics. It allows use of the
laws of probability to analyze data.
Identify the population in a sampling situation.
Recognize bias due to voluntary response samples and other inferior sampling methods.
Use software to select a simple random sample (SRS) from a population.
Recognize the presence of undercoverage and nonresponse as sources of error in a sample
survey. Recognize the effect of the wording of questions on the responses.
Use random digits to select stratified random sample from a population when strata identified.
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