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POLI 211 Comp Poli Textbook - Intro & Britain Summary Notes

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Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

POLI 211Textbook NotesComp PoliRegime Typeswhat are the qualities that make up each of the various types of regimesHow do we know when a country is one regime rather than anotherAre there ever any perfect examples of a regime typeTools of AnalysisHow best to evaluate the conditions that produce the political regime types in question Interestspeople are rational calculators maximize selfgain minimize lossorganize political when it serves their interests and support is for political regimes that maximize their life chancesinterests in democracies can be trade unions social movements interest groups and political partiesIdentityno objective interests outside of some set of valuesideas that defines your own interestsdesire beyond basic necessities is shaped by cultural identityexample people are willing to die for their own beliefs acting against material interestpeople pursue the ideals that they most cherish and expect their leaders to enact policies that are consistent with identitiesexamples religion and ethnicity IndianEuropean nationalist partiesmore examples womens rights gay rights environmental movementsInstitutionslongterm authoritative rules and procedures that structure how power flowsdemocratic institutions legislatures courts electoral systemsnondemocratic institutions Communist Party secret police bureaucratic bodiesLocal Roots of ConstitutionalismVulnerability of Committee struggle to keep government on its proper course routes of successionThesis local community provide the roots for constitutionalism local politics key to maintaining democracy in a nationstateRuptures between micro and macro constitutionalismSteps towards modern stateUnitarycentralized power bureaucracyBritainstrong stable political institutions that have endured for centuriesshares similarities with the American system and key differences as wellestablished national identity that protects individual freedoms and social interestshowever same stability has blocked passage of structural reformsIdentity issues MuslimsImmigration Europhile vs Euroscepticism ScottishWelsh nationalismentrenched social hierarchy created class warfare lasting til Blairs New LabourBritish Model Westminster Modelbegins with Magna Carta where the King agreed to respect rights of feudal lordsParliamentCromwell Civil War where people defended liberal rightsGlorious Revolution limited monarchy sovereignty resting with the peopleBritish model is able to adapt over time based on social conventions and not a single document
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