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POLI 211 McKean - Equality Summary Notes

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Political Science
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POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

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EqualityMacKean 1989Japan shares most of the economic and political traits of the least egalitarian democracies weak labour movement capital accumulation con gov low taxspend modest distributive policies but has nonetheless achieved as much economic equality as the most progressive of the European soc dems WhySocioDemographicdecline in selfemployment agriculture and increased women in the workplace aids in equality as the two former typically are poorer than others and the latter contributes to smaller family size preventing lowincome families from spreading wealth too thinlyhowever education works counter to what one may intuitively think contributing to greater equality because those with high incomes capture more than their fair share of educational opportunities aging pop and decline of avg household size means increase in poorer households and a reduction in income equality therefore for MacKean sociodemographic evidence is inconclusive Economiclongterm rich societies are more
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