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Political Science
POLI 232
Catherine Lu

Conference Notes #3 Tiger Zheng John Stuart Mill – On Liberty  Focuses primarily on the issue of authority versus liberty o This can be contrasted to Hobbes in that Hobbes will argue that authority, or the sovereign, my override any liberties the subjects have to maintain a state of peace o Also, Mill believes that the tyrant must be kept in check my the people o Only the individual is the sovereign over his mind and body  The government’s power, unless balanced with the liberty of the people within it, is very dangerous to society  Three forms of liberty established: o Freedom of thought – contrasted with Hobbes’ justification of the sovereign having absolute control over the doctrines and opinions of his subjects. o Freedom of pursuits o Freedom to unite with others, so long as it does not harm the other body o These rights clash with the conformist nature of society and are very liberal.  First section de
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