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Catherine Lu

Modern Political Thought MacIntyre and Nussbaum  Patriotism: love of your own country, loyalty of particular group to that country, of people holding that nationality  Virtues involve loyalty, based on historical association  It is not: abstract ideal, should not be confused for mindless patriotism, mindless loyalty  Loyalty: kind of patriotism, rational and moral component  Patriotism and morality compatible?  1- patriotism as a virtue is moral, and involves dangers. Somebody with no patriotism to a country is alienated to the source of ethics, which is a central virtue of morality  2- patriotism is not a virtue at all, it is a vice like racism. To be a patriot requires favouring your own country and people over others. No one is more valuable than others  3- soft patriotism, patriotism is a common identity, as long as we don’t harm others it might help our country  Compatible with liberal morality?  Particularity matters. 5 principles and positions: 1;View of morality constituted by rules that any individual would agree to, 2; impartial, impose constraints, neutral framework with interest to differen
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