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POLI 364 - Pannekoek: General Remarks on the Question of Organisation

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Political Science
POLI 364
William Clare Roberts

Organization is the chief principle in the working class fight for emancipation It cannot be the invention of theory but have to be built up spontaneously by the working class itself guided by its immediate necessitiesTwo value outputs from production1Labour Valuewhat is necessary to sustain and restore continually their capacities to work2Surplus Valueanything above labour value this is appropriated to the capitalist class An argument is made that due to the absence of feudalism in the history of America there was no significant class consciousness in American society because the need for a classbased stratification of society did not exist Socialist or labour parties have the special task of fighting by political means parliament for the immediate needs and interests of the workers within capitalism With the growth of capitalism came the growth of capitalist operations largescale factories etc and reciprocally the growth of labour organizations When organisations grow too large the masses lose control of them The same effect is evidenced in political organizations where party elites decide policy independent of delegates who must toe the party line Socialists enter government by teaming with others against reactionary parties Once in government
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