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Chapter 14

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Stephen Charko

Chapter 14: Advertising and Digital Communications Advertising… • Types of Advertising: o Product Advertising: non-personal selling of a particular good or service o Institutional Advertising: promotion of a concept, idea, philosophy, or goodwill of an industry, company, organization, person, geographic location, or government agency • Objectives of Advertising: o Informative Advertising: promotion that seeks to develop initial demand for a good, service, organization, person, place, idea, or cause o Persuasive Advertising: promotion that attempts to increase demand for an existing good, service, organization, person, place, idea, or cause o Reminder Advertising: advertising that reinforces a previous promotional activity by keeping the name of a good, service, organization, person, place, idea, or cause before the public • Advertising Strategies: o Comparative Advertising: advertising strategy that emphasizes messages with direct or indirect promotional comparisons between competing brands o Celebrity Testimonials o Retail Advertising: advertising by stores that sell goods or services directly to the consuming public • Cooperative Advertising: strategy in which a retailer shares advertising costs with a manufacturer or wholesaler o Interactive Advertising: two-way promotional messages transmitted through communication channels that induce message recipients to participate actively in the promotional effort o Cross Promotion: promotional technique in which marketing partners share the cost of a promotional campaign that meets their mutual needs Advertising Messages… • Advertising Campaign: series of different but related ads that use a single theme and appear in different media within a specified time period • Advertising Appeals o Fear Appeals o Humour in Advertising Messages o Ads Based on Sex • An Advertisement Should: 1. Gain Attention and Interest
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