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Chapter 2

COMMERCE 3S03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Job Satisfaction, Conscientiousness, Extraversion And Introversion

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Frances L Tuer

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Chapter 2 – Learning About Yourself
Discover Knowledge
Field Marshal Have essential leadership qualities of vision, drive, and decisiveness, but they
may tend to be hasty, insensitive and overbearing.
It is difficult to see one’s own characteristics objectively
Most perceptual distortions are in our favour.
Self-Awareness is essential to being an effective manager
Self-Awareness Being aware of the internal aspects of one’s nature, such as
personality traits, beliefs, emotions, values, strengths and limitations, and appreciating
how your patterns affect other people.
Three Ways to Expand Self-Awareness
1. Soliciting Feedback
o Social Mirror Our perceptions of ourselves are shaped partly by how others
perceive us.
o Seeking feedback to enhance self-awareness can improve performance and job
satisfaction for both managers and employees.
2. Self-Diagnosis
o Uses self-inquiry and reflection to gain insights into yourself.
o Regularly examining yourself objectively and
o E.g. Journalizing things to reflect experiences
3. Self-Disclosure
o Self-Disclosure Sharing your fears, thoughts, emotions and concepts of
yourself with others.
o People willing to open up to others are emotionally healthier.
The Johari Window
Johari Window A tool managers can use to move toward greater transparency and alignment
with others. It is made up of self-disclosure, and soliciting feedback.
1. Quadrant #1 Open

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o Information that is known to the individual and is also known to others.
o This is where good communication and cooperation happen.
2. Quadrant #2 Blind
o Information known about an individual by others but are unknown to the
individual himself
o You are unaware of a certain tendency when others around you are
aware of it.
o The blind spot is reduced when you receive empathetic feedback
3. Quadrant #3 Hidden
o Information that an individual knows about himself/herself but keeps hidden from
o Information that affect’s one’s work needs to be put out in the open
4. Quadrant #4 Unknown
o Information that is unknown both to the individual and to others in the group
o E.g. unknown illness, undetected abilities or talents.
o The unknown can be reduced through self discovery
Four Keys to Self-Awareness
1. Personality
Personality The set of unseen characteristics and thought processes that underlie a
relatively stable pattern of behavioral response to people, ideas, and circumstances.
o Big Five Model of Personality
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