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Queen's University
COMM 190
Yasmeen Mufti

COMM 190 Chapter 1 Information Systems and You What is an Information System  Information System: group of components that interact to produce information  Five Component Framework: five fundamental components of an information system that are present in every information system from the simplest to the most complex  Computer Hardware: ex. Keyboard, computer, monitor  Software: instructions for a computer ex. Microsoft Word  Dat: recorded facts or figures ex. Words, sentences, you use in your report  Procedures: Instructions for humans ex. How you started the program  People: Those who operate and service the computers, maintain the data, support the networks, and use the system  People are the most critical part of an information system Computer Software Data Procedures People Hardware What is MIS  Management Information System (MIS): development and use of information systems that help business achieve their goals and objectives  Development and Use if Information System  Responsible for protecting the security of the system and data  When the system fails you will have to tasks to perform when the system is down and helping to recover the system quickly  Achieving Business Goals and Objectives  Information s
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