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Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Week 1 Mass CommunicationThe Digital EraDigital communication images texts sounds are converted encoded into electronic signals represented as varied combinations of binary numbersones and zeros that are then reassembled decoded as a precise reproduction of eg a TV picture magazine article a songNew technologies cable TV and the internet developed so quickly that traditional leaders in communication lost some of their control over information o Network news shows began to lose their audiences to MTV CNN MSNBC Fox Comedy Central o By 2004 bloggers had become key players in newsBloggers people who post commentary on cultural personal and politicalopinionbased Web sitesEmail and social media reinventions of oral cultureTurn to digital media forms has overturned o Traditional media business models o The ways we engage with and consume media products o The ways we organize our daily lives around various media choicesThe Linear Model of Mass CommunicationSenders authors producers organizations transmit messages programs texts images sounds ads through a mass media channel newspapers books magazines radio television internet to large groups of receivers readersGatekeepers news editors executive producers function as message filters and make decisions about what messages actually get produced for receiversFeedback process in which citizens and consumers can return messages to sendersgatekeepers through letters to the editor phone calls email Web postings talk showsProblem with this model is that in reality media messages do not usually move smoothly from a sender at point A to a receiver at point Z o Messages are more likely to spill into one another o Senders often have very little control over how their intended messages are decoded or whether the messages are ignoredmisread by receiversA Cultural Model for Understanding Mass CommunicationPeople bring diverse meanings to messages given factors such as gender age educational level ethnicity occupationAudiences actively affirm interpret refashion reject the messages that flow through media channelsAcknowledges the lack of control that senders have over how audiences receive messages and interpret their intended meaningsSelective exposure people typically seek messages and produce meanings that correspond to their own cultural beliefs values interestsThe nature of the internet means that anyone can become a sender of media messagesThe internet has also largely eliminated the gatekeeper rolepeople can post things on the internet without first getting approval 1
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