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Chapter 11

In Fashion Chapter 11 Outline

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FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

Fashion Retailing Traditional Types of Fashion Retailers - Retailers are categorized into two broad categories – general and specialty - General merchandise retailers – sell many kinds of merchandise in addition to clothing - Specialty – cater to a more specific type of customer, more limited merchandise - Department Stores: general type of retailer most familiar to the public (ie. Macy’s, Harrrods, Bloomingdales). Department stores reigned as the king of retailers well into the 1960s. Started to decline in the 1980s. Department stores are organized into specific areas, including sportswear, electronics, cosmetics, etc. - Specialty: specialty stores sell carry a limited amount of merchandise. They include shoe stores, jewelry shops, etc. - Discount Stores: any retail operation that sells goods at less than full prices. TIMELESS TREASURES – Terry J. Lundgren - Macy’s Chairman, President, and CEO - Aspired to be veterinarian but abandoned that for a career in retailing - Started as a trainee in Bullocks - Forms of Ownership Sole Proprietors - Owners of a single store. These single stores are called ‘mom-and-pop stores’. They are managed by the owner with few assistants. Chain Organizations - Group of centrally owned stores. They handle similar goods and merchandise. Ex. Sears, JCPenney - Chain store buyers are assigned to buy for a specific department. For example, a sportswear department buyer may only buy swimsuits or accessories. Leas
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