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Chapter 2

FSN 503 Chapter 2: Week 2 - Image Power and Politics

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FSN 503
Catherine Sutton

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https:courses.ryerson.cad2llecontent70773viewContent1210015View How instagram is curated and how people choose images to represent their personal brand Dont want to post more than 2 or 3 times a day You have to show that you have more to do in your day than just post on instagram; that what youre posting has a foundation of reality underneath it Not as exciting You also dont want to show off; if someone sees too much of you it becomes more about forcing someone to look at you rather than having that person follow you Andy Warhol made copies of his artwork; does it make it oversaturated or display the value of the original piece? Eric Kessel filled a room with all the photos that were uploaded onto Flipper in just one day The value of the individuality of the piece is lost when its piled with everything else its posted alongside The printing press disseminated information a lot better in the form of books than before, when everything has handwritten Potentially the most important invention of all time Mimesis: act of resembling what is seen Similar to mirror The idea was that you could have a representation as an exact mirror; the image actually became the ideal of the thing itself
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