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Chapter 11

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Ricardo Reyes

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Monday November 26 2012 LeadershipLeadership Development CH11LeadershipLeadingprocess of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasksLeading function is an essential component of effective managementLeadership and PowerPowerability to get someone else to do something you want done or to make things happen the way you wantPower reflects the desire to in influencecontrol others for the good of the organizations as a whole rather than the desire to control for satisfaction Sources of Managerial PowerPosition powerbased on a managers official status in organization hierarchy of authorityPersonal powerderived from skills an individual has or uses at work Admired for their intellect and personality o Unique qualities a person brings to the position o Expert powercapacity to influence the behavior of other people because of ones knowledge and skills o Referent powercapacity to influence the behavior of other people because they admire you and want to identify positively with youReward powercapability to offer something of value a positive outcome as a means of influencing the behavior of othersCoercive powercapability to punish or withhold positive outcomes as a means of influencing the behavior of other peopleLegitimate powerright by virtue of ones organizational position or status to exercise control over persons in subordinate positions Leadership and VisionVisionfuture that one hopes to createachieve in order to improve upon the present state of affairsVisionary leadership describes a leader who brings to the situation a clear and compelling sense of the future as well as an understanding of the actions needed to get their successfullyLeadership as a ServiceServant Leadershipbased on a commitment to serve others to help people use their talents to full potential while working together for organizations that benefit society Empowermentservant leaders empower others by providing them with info responsibility authority and trust to make decisions and act independentlyLeadership TraitsDrive high energy display initiative tenaciousSelfconfidencetrust themselves and what they knowCreative original thinkingCognitive abilityintelligence to integrate and interpret informationJobrelevant knowledgeknow their industry and its technical foundationsMotivatorenjoy influencing others to achieve shared goalsFlexibleadapt to fit the needs of followers and the demands of situationsHonestTrustworthypredictable Leadership behaviorsConcern for the task to be accomplishedConcern for the people doing the workHigh in concern for task engages in o Plans and defines work to be done o Assigns task responsibility o Sets clear work standards o Urges task completion o Monitors performance results
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