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Chapter 2

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MHR 405
Kristyn Scott

Chapter2IndividualBehaviorPersonalityandValuesMotivation represents the forces within a person that affect his or her direction intensity and persistence of voluntary behaviorIt is made out of two partsoDirection refers to the path along which people engage their effort People have choices about where to put their effort a sense of what they are trying to achieve what level of quality etcoIntensity is the amount of effort allocated to the goal It is all about how much people push themselves to complete a taskoFinally motivation also involves persistence or continuing the effort for a certain amount of timeAbility includes both the natural aptitudes and learned capabilities required to successfully complete a taskoAptitudes are the natural talents that help employees learn specific tasks more quickly and perform them betteroLearn Capabilities are the skills and knowledge you have acquired They tend to wane over time when not in useCompetencies are characteristics of a person that result in superior performance These can include knowledge skills aptitudes and behaviorsTo perform well employees require accurate role perceptions Role perceptions refer to the extent to which people understand the job duties roles assigned to or expected of themoIt is important to understand the priority of their various tasks and expectations For example serving many customer quantity vs serving less customers in a better way quality oIt is also important to know the preferred behaviors or procedures for accomplishing the assigned task This refers to situations where employees have the knowledgeskills to perform the task in more than one way5 Types Of Individual BehaviorTask Performance refers to goaldirected behaviors under the individuals control that support organizational objectives
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