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Chapter 10

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Law and Business
LAW 529
Pnina Alon- Shenker

Chapter 10 Privacy Inside and Outside the Workplace PIPEDAAs federal legislation Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act PIPEDA does not directly affect personal employee information held by provincially regulated ERs in Ontario HOW WIDE IS PIPEDAS APPLICATIONPIPEDA applies to all federally regulated orgs and affects how they collect use disclose and retain personal information concerning their EEs customers patients and suppliersPIPEDA also applies to all personal information collected used disclosed in provincially regulated orgs in the course of commercial activities unless the province in which the org are situated has implemented substantially similar legislation Commercial activities refer to common commercial transactions and include selling bartering or leasing donor membership or other fundraising lists The reason that PIPEDA applies to personal information collected in the commercial but not the employment context in provincially regulated orgs relates to the division of power under Canadas Constitution Ontario has not yet passed comparable privacy legislation except in the area of personal health information PIPEDA applies to all personal information collected used or disclosed in all provincially regulated private sector orgs in Ontario in the course of commercial activity but not to personal information used in the course of employment ERs should consider extending their compliance in their handling of personal information in the course of personal EE information for the following reasons 1 PIPEDAs principles are recognized in Canada and abroad as forming the basis of ethical personal information practices 2 Quebec British Columbia and Alberta have already passed privacy laws related to employment ERs that operate in several provinces would be wise to provide all EES with the same privacy protection3 PIPEDA curr
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