Chapter 4 - Designing and analyzing jobs

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13 May 2011

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Chapter 4: Designing and Analyzing Jobs
Organizational structure: formal relationships among jobs in an organization
Organization chart: snapshot, depicting organizations structure
oBureaucratic, Flat, Matrix
Process of systematically organizing work into tasks that are required to perform a
specific job
oExample: 1 supervisor, 1 clerk, 40 assembles = 3 jobs, 42 positions
Work simplification: highly specialized, repetitive tasks to maximize efficiency. Great
for uneducated people, those who have intellectual disabilities. Not in today’s highly
demanding market though
Industrial engineering: identifying, analyzing timing the elements of each job cycle.
Wanting to modify, combine, rearrange, or eliminate elements to reduce time needed
to complete cycle. No psychological fulfillment for workers, high turnover.
Solutions: job enlargement (horizontal loading), job rotation, job enrichment (vertical
Job analysis: procedures firms use to determine tasks, duties, and responsibilities of
each job and the human attributes required to perform it
Steps in job analysis:
oIdentify the use to which the information will be put
oReview relevant background information
oSelect the representative positions, and jobs to be analyzed
oAnalyze the jobs by collecting data on job activities, required employee
behaviors, working conditions etc
oReview the information with job incumbents
oDevelop job description and job specifications
Qualitative job analysis techniques
oThe interview: individual, group, supervisory
oParticipant diary/log
Quantitative job analysis techniques
oPosition analysis questionnaire (PAQ)
Rates jobs on 6 basic dimensions:
Information input
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