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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Notes

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MKT 400
Ida Berger

Chapter 16 Cultural Influences on Consumer BehaviourCulture culture is a concept that is crucial to understanding of consumer behaviour may be thought of as a societys personality it includes both abstract ideas such as values and ethics as well as material objects and services that are produced or valued by a group of people such as automobiles clothing food art and sportsculture is the accumulation of shared meanings rituals norms and traditions among the members of an organization or a society consumption choices simply cannot be understood without considering the cultural context in which they are made culture is the lens through which people view products the effects of culture on consumer behaviour is so powerful and far reaching that its importance is sometimes difficult to grasp or appreciate consumers culture determines the overall priorities heshe attaches to different activities and products a product that provides benefits to its desired members of the culture has a much better chance of attaining acceptance in the marketplace relationship between consu cumers behaviour and culture is a 2 way street on one hand products and services that resonate with the priorities of a culture at any given time have much better chance of being accepted by consumers on the other hand the study of new products and innovations in a product design successfully produced by culture at any point in the time provides a window into the dominant cultural ideals of that periodFor Ex TV dinner hinted at changes in family structure Cosmetics made of natural materials that are not animal tested reflects consumers apprehension about pollution waste and animal rights culture is not static it is continuously and synthesizing old ideas with news onesculture system consists of 3 functional areas 1 EcologyIs the way in which a system is adapted to its habitatThis area is shaped by technology used to obtain and distribute resources For EX Japanese greatly value products that are designed for efficient use of space because of the cramped conditions in that island nation 2 Social Structure Is the way in which social life is maintainedThis area includes the domestic and political groups that are dominated within the culture For EX nuclear family versus extended family 3 IdeologyRefers to the mental characteristics of people and the way in which they relate to their environment and social groupsThis area revolves around the belief that members of a society possess a common worldview which is they share certain ideas about principles of order and fairness they also share a set of moral and aesthetic principles even though ever culture is different 4 dimensions appear to account for much if its variability 1 Power DistanceThe way in which interpersonal relationships form when differences in power are perceived some cultures like Japan emphasize strict relationships where as Canada stresses a greater degree of equality and informality
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