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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Notes

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MKT 400
Ida Berger

Chapter 14 Age SubculturesSubcultures Micro cultures And Consumer IdentitySubcultures Is a group whose members share beliefs and common experiences that set them apart from others y Everyone of us belongs to a subculture related to our age ethnic background or the region of Canada where we live or call home y Subcultural identification influences our everyday experience and consumption preferences yIn addition to larger demographically bases subcultures an individual may identify with a microculture based on lifestyle or aesthetic preference y EX growing movement in Japan called cosplay a form of performance art in which participants wear elaborate costumes that represent an avatar or other fictional characters y Roleplaying subcultures appear in various forms in Western culture y Our microcultures typically command fierce of loyalty Star Trek fans are notorious for their devotion to the show y Each subculture and microculture exhibits its own unique set of norms vocabulary and product insignias y Study of contemporary mountain men in Western United States illustrates binding influence of microculture on its membersy Group members share strong sense of identity that they express through weekend retreatsAge and Consumer Identityy Our age is a big part of our identity all things being equal we are more likely than not to have things in common with others of our own age than with those young or older y This identity may become even stronger when actions and goals of one generation conflict with those of others y A marketer needs to communicate with members of an age in their own langage y EX Beach volleyball being sponsored by Sony to get young peoples attention y Instead of assigning managers to products company groups them in age related segments y Gen Y younger than 25 Young professionalsDinks Double income no kids aged 2534 Families 3554 years old Zoomers Those older than 55y An age subculture is based on age cohort y Age Cohort That is a group of consumers of the same approximate age who have undergone similar experiences
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