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Ryerson University
MKT 600
Asif Salam

MKT600 – Pantene Prep Work General information/important points: - 26.5 million people in 1990 in Canada - 90% of population lived within 200km of US border - 73% lived in urban areas - 41% lived in the 6 largest cities o Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa - 1.5% population growth per year Information to back up alternatives: - Price/economy brands were very dominant - Low brand loyalty and high brand switching - Pantene was positioned as a premium product and had maintained a 0.25 share without marketing support - Brand awareness/mind share amongst females was 40% Problem statement: - No time to undergo market research - Symptom: no clear direction Strategy Decision criteria: Product and Packaging: - Should we change the packaging? o Pearlescent increases costs by 3% o Silver stripe will increase costs by 5% - Should we launch the conditioner? o Yes. 62% of users used the same brand of conditioner as shampoo  Consider increasing the SKU variants  Package size?  Same size as shampoo  Smaller than shampoo  Package type?  Tube. Not easy to stack without cardboard outer packaging; narrow tubes weren’t easy for visual identification unless they had a substantial number of facings  Bottle:
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