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Chapter 11

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Ryerson University
SOC 103
Tonya Davidson

CHAPTER 11 AGING DISABILITIESHEALTHModule 111 Aging in Canada ISSUES FACED BY SENIORS Transition to retirementFinancial pressures elderly dependency ratio seniorsworkers is rising usually more seniors Chronic pain and need for longterm carePreparing to die euthenasia deliberating ending of life of a person who has an incurablepainful diseaseVulnerability to crime 60 lose money in telemarketing scamsElder abuse any form of mistreatment that results in harmloss to an older personAge discriminationAgeism system of inequality based on age that privileges the young at the expense of ldElderly reminds people of young peoples own mortalitykids these daysIdea of the tyranny of youth Healthcare need medsretirement homeSexuality no sex life infantilizationEmployment old fashion not keeping up with technologySocial Gerontology the study of the social aspects of agingHow we age how we understand the elderly varies over time and across culturesAging includes physical emotional psychological and social changesNA culture privileges youth and encourage ageismMandatory RetirementBetween 20062009 all provinces except New Brunswick abolished laws that allowed employers to terminate employment of individuals because they turned 65Necessary to help young people for jobsKey definition of ageismNo longer practiced in CanadaFOR retirement jobs for youth AGAINST retirementElderly need to support themselves people age differentlyIdea of mental capacityTheyre passionate about their jobsSome have successful careers after 60sSOCIOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO AGING FUNCTIONALISMSmooth transition from one generation to nextDisengagement Theory assertion that successful aging requires gradual withdrawal from social activityElders want to be released from roles that require hard work and responsibility retirementMany older ppl enjoy becoming more involved w friends and family socialpolitical issues CONFLICT THEORYInstitutional ageism constant tension btw old and youngAs workers age slowly removed from positions of power to make way for youngerBecome less attractive for job SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISMActivity Theory belief that ppl should remain engaged and active for as long as possibleRemaining active happier livesAsserts ppl construct perceptions about their selves through activities they do Limitation less active due to old age
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