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Crime and Deviance (SOC103)

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SOC 103
Sal Guzzo

Crime and DevianceWhat is Deviance Social control are systematic practises developed by social groups to encourage conformity and to discourage deviance One form of social control takes place through the process of socialization whereas individuals yinternalize social norms and valuesA second form of social control is the use of negative sanctions to punish rule breakers and ynonconforming actsThe justice system also plays as the formal means of social control yDeviance is any behaviour belief or condition that violates cultural norms in the society or group in which it occursAll societies have some degree of deviance y We are most familiar with behavioural deviance a persons intentional or inadvertentactionsyDeviance can also be viewed through someones beliefsy Defining Deviance Defining deviance is difficultyGood and evil are not two distinct categories they overlap each otheryDeviance behaviour also varies in seriousness ranging from folkways to serious infringementsyA crime is an act that violates the criminal law and is punishable with fines jail terms and other
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